A brief history of VISION & MISSION

MISJOWH.COM is an Online Shop and Website rental service site and several other services established since 2018.

The establishment of the misjowh.com site is motivated by concern and a sense of wanting to help entrepreneurs move on from traditional trading styles to better. We assume that the traditional way of trading will not last long if you see the development of technology that is currently growing very rapidly, this event is very threatening for entrepreneurs who are still fanatical about the old ways.

For this reason, misjowh.com is present as an online store, but at the same time misjowh.com also appears as a form of facilitator who is ready to provide website rental services in the hope that Customers have found the right site to facilitate online trading needs. because we understand "Products" and "Website" are two things that must be stirred into a single entity to give birth to perfect online trading.


  1. Instill clear awareness and understanding of "The Power of Online" for entrepreneurs, especially Indonesian youth
  2. Expressing a false understanding of traditional trading methods and guiding 2 successful sentences "No Online, No Customer" and "No Customer, No Buyer"
  3. Wiped out the concerns of Stuttering Technology and instilled the spirit of Literacy Technology to do business online


  1. Providing handicraft products for the nation and other local products that are easily sold
  2. Preparing Mobile Friendly Website rental facilities and easy to operate
  3. Display news about entrepreneurship and online business
  4. Presenting Blog about tutorials and tips related to information technology, online marketing and entrepreneurship
  5. Complete the Blog tutorial with videos so that they can be understood younger