1. Customers must provide complete and valid data
  2. Customers are required to send a valid KTP scan via Email provided on the misjowh.com site
  3. Customers must follow the Website rental procedure that has been made by Us
  4. Customers must read the terms and conditions before carrying out the Website rental process, and by pressing the Website rental button means that the Customer has agreed to all the terms and conditions that apply on the site misjowh.com
  5. Customers are required to sign an agreement that has been provided above the seal of 6000 and the stamp as a form of agreement that must be obeyed. A signed agreement with a stamp of 6000 is sent via Email provided in Softcopy.
  6. Website design and features are exactly like images, videos or demo links on each type of website, in this case the customer must understand that the website services we offer are in the form of rental not development (web development)
  7. Website Maintenance means damage to source code, server down and damage to design and website creativity. Maintenance does not mean the addition or change of features or design
  8. Customers cannot request changes to Website features or designs that have been provided except for basic colors such as header colors and primary buttons
  9. Customers who want a website with special design and features must contact us via email provided on the site misjowh.com, the design price and special features of the Website will be different from the rental price of the website provided.
  10. Features and designs along with all instruments in making a website in accordance with the description of each type of website, customers are not allowed to complain about the problem of the instruments used by us in making the website
  11. We are limited to renting websites and we are not responsible for the needs of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other marketing techniques
  12. CPanel access is in our control. Customers are not entitled to CPanel Access
  13. The customer is not entitled to get Domain Access if the proposed Domain is a new Domain
  14. The new Domain Registrar and Web Hosting are determined by Us and We will be responsible for the security of Hosting
  15. The default hosting capacity that we provide is 1 GB (Giga Byte). If the customer wants to increase the hosting space, an additional fee (Upgrade / Renewal) will be charged according to the request via email
  16. Customers who already have a Domain name must direct the NS (Name Server) Domain to Hosting provided by us, we will monitor the direction of the Domain Name Server through Whois
  17. New Domain Names that have been ordered by customers cannot be changed or replaced with other Domain names. If the customer wants to pay, a fee will be charged
  18. We reserve the right to request Domain Access owned by the Customer if there is a need for Website rental setup
  19. Customers are entitled to get Admin Access Website Dashboards
  20. The customer has the right to submit a request to create an Email Account in accordance with the Domain name for a maximum of 10 Email Accounts, if more than that will be charged per Email account. Then the request is submitted via registered Email
  21. Customers have the right to submit changes to the Email Account for a maximum of 5 changes, if more than that will be charged a change fee per Email account, then the request is submitted via registered Email
  22. The configuration time / Website Setup is determined by us, we will follow up information about the setup of the Website via email and info on the customer's member area
  23. Payment must be made when the agreement is received by us. We will not process unpaid website rental applications
  24. Customers must confirm if they have made a payment on the confirmation form that has been provided, We are not responsible if the Website is suspended due to no payment confirmation from the Customer either extension or leasing a new Website
  25. We reserve the right to suspend unpaid websites (both new leases / extensions) by customers
  26. The Expired Date will start when the website is setup (When the Website is on air)
  27. We reserve the right to suspend the Website if the Website contains content that is prohibited by State Law and the Republic of Indonesia Law
  28. If there is Website content that is contrary to the Law, then the full sanction is the responsibility of the Customer. We are not responsible for Website content that violates the Laws and provisions of the State Law
  29. Customers must comply with the terms and conditions set by us