Tesla Revenues Can Reach 1 Trillion US Dollars in 2030

Tesla Revenues Can Reach 1 Trillion US Dollars in 2030

One of Tesla's main shareholders, Ron Baron stated that the revenue of the electric car company could reach US $ 1 trillion by 2030.

"I think, Tesla could be a battery business worth 500 billion US dollars, and a car business worth 500 billion US dollars. It projects better opportunities than 50-50," Ron said, quoted from CNBC on Wednesday (3/10 / 2018)

Ron estimates, this company can earn up to 60 billion US dollars in the next three years. This makes it possible for companies to be worth 1 trillion US dollars in 2030 to 80 percent.

In 2017 Tesla earned 11.75 billion US dollars in revenue, surging more than 67 percent compared to the previous year which reached 7 billion US dollars "I think this will be the biggest car company. They will have 10 million cars or even 15 million cars sold per year, "said the head of Baron Capital which has 28.3 billion US dollars of assets.

The electric car company announced on Tuesday (2/10/2018) that it had produced 80,142 vehicles in the third quarter of 2018. This increased by 50 percent compared to the second quarter of 2018.

While car shipments up to the third quarter of 2018 totaled 83,500 vehicles. Ron also stated that Tesla investors would react better if Musk reduced its activities in cyberspace. "Investors will benefit if communication (cyberspace) decreases," said Ron. The statement was related to Musk's love of making US market authorities, the SEC accused him of making false and misleading statements about wanting to make Tesla a closed company. "I assume that he thinks he has financing," he said. Ron added, he told Musk that he preferred Tesla to remain a public company compared to a closed company. He also confirmed, he did not want to be on Tesla's board of directors. In an agreement with the SEC last Saturday, Musk and Tesla had to pay a fine of 20 million US dollars each. Later, Musk also had to resign as chairman of the board in three years, but was allowed to retain his role as CEO. Because of Musk's actions, Tesla will appoint two new independent directors to the board and monitor Twitter one of the richest people in the world, and other Musk communications.

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