How to Create a Website with the WordPress CMS 1 (Installation)

How to Create a Website with the WordPress CMS 1 (Installation)

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Hey, friend. Peace to all of us, this time we will discuss how to create a Website with a WordPress CMS. Well, without further ado we immediately exclude;) following the steps:

1. First download the WordPres Source Code in the following link

2. Create a new folder in the "htdocs" folder name the folder according to your needs, in this example I will name the folder "company"

3. Extract the downloaded WordPress ZIP file and copy all Wordpress files to the folder that we created earlier

4. Don't forget to "Start" the Apache server and MySQL

5. Open the browser and type "localhost / phpmyadmin" on the input URL, at this stage we will create a database with the name "dbcompany"

6. Click "New" name the database as desired and continue by clicking the "Create" button

Database creation is complete, then you switch to the WordPress setup.

7. Open the New Tab in the Browser and type "localhost / company" then enter. (company is the name of the folder that we created in the htdocs folder)

8. Select the desired language, in this example I choose English. continue by clicking the "Continue" button and clicking "Let's go!"

9. Fill in all input forms as follows:

  • Database Name: dbcompany
  • Username: root
  • Password:
  • Database Host: localhost
  • Table Prefix: tb_


Database Name: (is the name of the database that we created earlier)

Username: (is the user name to access the default database is "root")

Password: (the password to access the default database is "" / blank)

Table Prefix: (is the name of the prefix of all table names that will be created in the database)

After everything is finished then click the "Submit" button followed by "Run the install"

10. The input form will appear again please fill in as below

  • Site Title: My Company
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin
  • Confirm Password: yes
  • Your Email:
  • Search Engine Visibility: no


Site title: (is the title on your website, usually filled with the name of the website you made)

Username: (is the user's name to access the Admin Website Dashboard page)

Password / Confirm Password: (is a passcode to access the Admin Website Dashboard page. Please modify yourself to create a strong password / Strong)

Email: (is an email user who has access rights on the website admin dashboard)

Search Engine Visibility: (is the choice to give permission or not to search engines like Google to crawl the website, you can check if your Website doesn't want to be indexed by search engines)

Then click "Install WordPress". If there are no errors a notification will appear if your website has been successfully installed. please buddy click the "Login" button

11. Finish.

You can login with the username and password that was made in step No. 9 if you want to access the Admin Dashboard, and if you want to see the results of the website, just open a new tab in the browser and type "localhost / company" (company is the name of the folder that we made in step No. 2)

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